Index of people

Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de 
Desk (Waddesdon Manor);  Invents a watch escapement

Belsunce de Castelmoron, Henri François-Xavier de (Bishop of Marseille)
In the Marseille plague 1720

Bion, Jean (chaplain in the French galley fleet)
Account of the torments which the French Protestants endure aboard the galleys 

Berruyer, Isaac-Joseph  (Jesuit writer)
History of the people of GodHistory of the people of God - extracts

Bougeant, Guillaume-Hyacinthe (Jesuit writer)
On the language of animals Sent to La Flèche

 BreguetAbraham-Louis (watchmaker)
TV programme on his "Marie-Antoinette" watch 

Brissac, Louis-Hercule-Timoléon de Cossé, duc de 
At Louveciennes with Madame du Barry;  Killed in Versailles prison massacre 1792;  Circumstances of his death 

Brissot, Jean-Paul (Revolutionary)
Meets Madame du Barry

Buffon, Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de
On chimpanzees;  On cats 

Carrier, Jean-Baptiste (Revolutionary)
Portrait at the Musée LambinetWax head at Madame Tussaud's

Carton, Marie Armabade "La Carton" (dancer)
Reveals Freemasonry rituals

Casanova, Giacomo 
Wins a game of biribissi

Chalier, Joseph (Lyon Revolutionary)
Early Revolutionary careerLater careerBotched execution;
Commemorated by the Revolutionary government

Châtelet, Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du 
With Voltaire at CireyScientific and philosophical manuscripts
Inventories of her possessions And gambling
Portraits;  Snuffbox with portraitWax effigy at the Château de Breteuil

Chaulieu, abbé Guillaume Amfrye de (poet)
And the "Society of the Temple"
Attitude to death

Choiseul, duc de (Royal minister)
Snuffbox depicting the Hôtel Choiseul in Paris
Snuffbox with views of the Château de Chanteloup
Pagoda at Chanteloup
Portrait by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard 

CléryJean-Baptiste (Louis XVI's valet)
Manuscript of Journal auctioned

CondorcetMarie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de
Calculates odds at biribi

Couthon, Georges (Revolutionary)
WheelchairFemale admirer ; Portraits

Damiens, Robert-François (unsuccessful regicide)
His coat;  Psychological study

Danton, Georges (Revolutionary)

Daujon, Pierre (sculptor and Revolutionary)
Saves the royal familyAnd dechristianisation

Delamarre, Marguerite (nun)
Inspires Diderot's La Religieuse

Desloges, Pierre (writer)

Diderot, Denis (Enlightenment writer
Portrait by Fragonard
La Religieuse

Du Barry, Madame (mistress of Louis XV)

Elbée, Maurice Joseph Louis Gigost d' (Vendéen general)

Éon, Chevalier d' 
Portrait by Thomas Stuart (National Portrait Gallery London)
Fencing contest with the Chevalier de Saint-George

Fontenelle, Bernard le Bouvier de (writer)
Attends a ball chez Helvétius

Fouquier-Tinville, Antoine Quentin (Revolutionary judge)
Gresset, Jean-Baptiste (poet)
Hardouin, Jean (Jesuit writer)
HelvétiusAnne-Catherine de Ligniville, Madame
And Benjamin FranklinDescribed by Abigail AdamsIn John Adams mini-series 
Helvétius, Claude-Adrien (Enlightenment writer)
Gives a ball

Hébert, Jacques (Revolutionary)

Kingston, James King, Baron
Reveals secrets of the Freemasons

Lacy, John (English follower of the "French Prophets")
Career as a prophet
Manuscript of his utterances at the Chetham Library

Lamballe, Marie Louise of Savoy, princesse de 
BiographyImprisonment and deathCorpse processed around Paris

Lessart, Antoine-Claude Nicolas de Valdec de (Royal minister)
And FreemasonryKilled in Versailles prison massacre 1792

Lecouvreur, Adrienne (actress)

Le Bon, Joseph (Arras Revolutionary)

 L'Épée, Abbé Charles-Michel de (teacher of the deaf)
Controversies over signing for the deafAnd the "secret child"

Lorimier de Chamilly, Claude-Christophe (Royal valet)

Louis XVI, King of France

Relics: Blood in a gourdShirtCravatSamples of hair 
PortraitsMiniature by Wertmüller

Louis XVII, [Louis-Charles de France]
Autograph sold

Marat, Jean-Baptiste (Revolutionary)
BathtubBathtub again 
"Death of Marat":  By David;  By Guillaume-Joseph Roques;  Wax model by Madame TussaudInstallation on Lake Constance 2011

Autograph letter & other relics from the Temple  
Tapestry embroidered with Madame Elisabeth; second sample
Relationship with Fersen
Use of coded letters

Collection relating to M-A at the Château de CambonM-A collection of Michèle Lorin

By Joseph Boze
By François Dumont; by Dumont (miniature with red hair)
By Alexander Kucharski; by Kucharski (in the Temple prison); by Kucharski (portrait belonging to Jacques Larcia)
Madame Tussaud waxwork
By Adolf Ulrik Wertmü Wertmüller(in hunting costume); miniatures of  Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette

MarionElie (Camisard prophet)
And the prophetic movement in early 18th-century London

Marsollier family (Parisian silk merchants)
Portrait of Madame Marsollier by Nattier
Marie-Thérèse Marsolier, wife of Lorimier de Chamillly, royal valet de chambre

Marteihle, Jean (Protestant galley slave)

Milley, Claude François (Jesuit mystic) 

Moët, Jean-Baptiste (author)
Code de Cythère (1746)

MoncrifFrançois-Augustin Paradis de (author)
Life and career
Les Chats (1727);  Les Chats (2nd post)

Monnet, Denis (Lyon Revolutionary)

Papillon, Jean-Marie (wood engraver and wallpaper manufacturer)
Place in the history of wallpaper
Plates for the Encyclopédie illustrating wallpaper manufacture and hanging

Pâris, François de (Jansenist ascetic) 
LifeLife (cont.)
Portrait by Jean de Restout

Philidor, François-André Danican (chess player)
BiographyBiography (continued)Defeats "The Turk"

Raynal, abbé Thomas-Guillaume (Enlightenment writer)
Letter to the National Assembly 1791

Rémuzat, Anne-Madeleine (Mystic & exponent of the Cult of the Sacred Heart)

Process for beatification 

Réveillon, Jean-Baptiste (wallpaper manufacturer)

Reza Beg, Mohammed (Persian ambassador)

Saxe, Maurice, Maréchal de 
Death and burial

Turgot, Anne-Robert-Jacques (Royal minister and reformer)
Improves stagecoach service

Tussaud, Madame 

Varicourt, François Rouph de (brother of the marquise de Villette)

Killed in October Days

And Voltaire's heart

Villette, Reine-Philiberte Rouph de Varicourt, marquise de 
Brother killed in October Days

Vincent, Jean-Baptiste (member of the Paris Commune)
Preserves Louis XVI's cravat

Vivant Denon, Dominique
Relations with VoltaireReliquary; Portraits of Robespierre; Portraits of Couthon


Body parts: HeartBrainTeeth

At Cirey:  Interiorsporte d'honneur; theatre 
At Ferney: Photos of the château; "Triumph of Voltaire"(picture); encourages watch-making industry
And dogs

DeathbedBurialGrave at Sellières

ChairsMusée CarnavaletMadame Tussaud's;
Table at the Café Procope

Ninon de Lenclos; Adrienne LecouvreurJean-Baptiste Rousseau

Portrait sculptures:

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